Friday, December 11, 2009

Tampa Bay - A Destination to Watch in 2010

USA Today recently released an article naming the “Destinations to watch in 2010”, and guess which booming metropolitan hub made the list? With its vastly expanding cultural and entertainment offerings, thriving business environment, swiftly stabilizing real estate market and its well-connected location to the rest of the U.S., 2010 is expected to be a banner year in Tampa Bay.

Tampa Bay has continued to grow towards being one of Florida’s top business and leisure destinations, while gaining significant recognition on both national and international levels. New developments slotted for the bustling city in 2010 include the addition of Busch Garden’s newest theme park, the opening of a new children’s museum, and the finalization of the Tampa Museum of Art’s newest downtown facility, providing visitors with even more reasons to explore the Bay area.

Foreign and national real estate investors are taking note in Tampa’s bright economic future as they search for the best buys in the Bay area. While the local housing market is quickly moving towards stability, there are still great deals available for investors looking to expand upon their real estate portfolio. Clearly, with so much positive movement already underway, it’s not hard to see why Tampa Bay is going to be a destination to watch in 2010.