Friday, February 21, 2014

Don’t Forget About Your Rental Clients

When working diligently, it is often disheartening for a Realtor to hear from clients, “I think I’m just going to rent for a while longer.” The hard work and countless miles traveled over the last month seem wasted, but is this really a waste? It is most definitely not. You never know what that relationship could develop into.

Some of the most successful real estate agents are those with strong interpersonal communication and networking skills. Those who provide an unsurpassed level of quality service for clients do not go unrecognized. Success in this industry is highly dependent on one’s ability to stay in contact with clients, even long after a phone call, showing, or transaction. In providing premium customer service for your clients, regardless of their current needs, you are much more likely to be referred to a friend, family member, or work associate in the future.  And after all, word-of-mouth marketing is still perhaps the most effective form of advertisement.

Keep in mind that most people do not want to rent a home for longer than necessary, especially with the increasing rental rates. And when they’re ready to make a home purchase, assuming they were left with a pleasant impression of you, clients will dig through their wallets to find the one of the multiple business cards you left with them.  SI Real Estate serves all buyers, sellers, investors, and rental clients with an equal level of respect and professionalism, and it has allowed for long-lasting relationships to be made. So don’t forget about your rental clients, as they will be returning to you when the time is right for them to buy a home.