Friday, December 30, 2011

SI Real Estate Recaps 2011

It is quite common that around this time every December, end of the year recaps in various markets are released. You may hear a top 20 songs on the radio or see lists of best movie releases in 2011 on the television. Whether you care about what comes in at #1 on any list, it serves as a brief snapshot of what was news worthy that year. Here are a few of the more interesting and significant real estate stories of 2011 for you.
Mortgage rates hit an all time low, and dropped to 3.94 this year according to the National Association of Realtors. In some Florida cities, including Tampa, home ownership became cheaper than renting! On the flip side, the unemployment rate made some of those buyers and investors hesitant to go forth with a transaction. Some people may look back on 2011 as the best time in years to buy real estate and make an investment.
The Florida Legislature also showed signs of brighter days to come. In November 2012, Florida voters will be able to vote on Amendment 4, “scrap the cap”, which deals with Florida’s affordable housing trust funds. If Amendment 4 is approved, it will lower the property cap increase from 10 to 5 percent on non-homestead real estate. Scrap the cap will also give first time home owners property tax breaks that diminish over time. This could prove very helpful for investors in the Tampa Bay area.
Social networking went from something businesses did when time permitted, to a day to day, must do activity. With the number of users on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn constantly rising, realtors, apartment communities, and investors are utilizing these web based tools to connect with others at a higher more personal level.
While looking back on the 2011 year in real estate, we saw many ups and downs, but more importantly we can say that we have learned to weather any storm. While still fighting to get back to a more stable market, we now have more experience and know how to deal with pressing issues. Knowledge base on buying and selling short sales and foreclosures had to expand in order to keep up with the market trends locally in Tampa Bay as well as state wide. If we can take this momentum, knowledge, and experience into 2012, we are sure to have a better year in the real estate world.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Relocating? Snowbird? Retiree? Tampa Bay Real Estate is Calling Your Name

It is predicted that close to 13 million baby boomers will become Florida residents between now and 2023. These future buyers will begin home hunting, and the Tampa Bay area is one of the most attractive places to purchase. We have already seen a 22% increase in homes sold over the last two months compared to last year’s sale’s numbers. An increase is always nice to see, but another interesting statistic to point out would be the 32% decrease in unsold homes in Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco counties. A clear sign that sales volume is up, and home inventory is falling. If you are looking to move due to a change in job status or simply wanting to start fresh, Tampa Bay offers great incentives to relocate.
Before making the decision to rent any type of real estate for the snowbird season, you may ask yourself “what is so special about the Tampa Bay area?” The answers can be endless, and depending on what you enjoy doing, they may be infinite. The greater Tampa Bay area is home to some of the most beautiful beaches like Clearwater, Ana Maria Island, and the St. Petersburg strip. And whether you are into fishing, boating, scuba diving, or just relaxing in the white sands, The Tampa Bay area is suitable for all needs and hobbies. Something that may help bring more snowbirds to the Tampa Bay area is a proposal made by the Canadian Snowbird Association. They were in Washington last week lobbying for passage of the proposed “Canadian Retiree Visa”, which would allow Canadians over the age 50 to stay in the states for eight months instead of the regular six months that is in place now. Florida could see a long term increase in vacation rentals especially real estate near beaches.
The Tampa Bay area brags an extensive list of leisure activities suitable for all, but what some people may not realize is that Tampa Bay is a prominent business oriented city in Florida. The downtown Tampa and Channelside area are major business districts with many classy restaurants, boutiques, and commercial businesses. This is also home to the 2002 Superbowl Champion Buccaneers, Stanley Cup winning Tampa Bay Lightning, and Arena Bowl Champs Tampa Bay Storm. Tampa Florida has hosted two Superbowls in the last ten years bringing visitors to our town for a nationally celebrated sporting event. The amusement parks here in Tampa Bay are second to none. Busch Gardens, Adventure Island, and the Florida Aquarium always top tourists “must do” lists and increase commerce in our city.
Florida is also well known for its remarkable golf courses. Many Tampa Bay communities are specifically tailored for these sports fanatics who also have a need for single family homes. Tampa Palms, Hunters green, Heritage Isles, and Pebble Creek are a few that cater to these real estate investors. Many of these communities have real estate for sale with price points that are more affordable now than ever.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Tis’ The Season for Buying Real Estate and Property Investments

Real estate investors and buyers are continuing to make property purchases that fuel the Florida real estate market. The third quarter boasted an increase in home buying and investing of 13% from last years numbers. Many of these new purchases and investments are viewed as long term and are helping stabilize our Tampa Bay real estate market. Even though Florida’s median sales price is lower than last year by a small amount, the volume of sales are significantly up. According to the National Association of Realtors, the foreclosures and sales of other distressed properties make the median sales price seem lower than what it actually is. Almost one thousand more condos were sold in October 2011 compared to October 2010, and the prices of those sold are up 9%. For more information about this, visit

Stan Humphries, a real estate expert for Zillow, notes that Americans perception that lending standards are tougher now than during the 2000-2006 time period are simply misconstrued. Since 2000 almost 10% more of applications for conventional home mortgages resulted in mortgage originations.

He also makes note that when looking at data regarding credit offerings, we should look at historical averages, instead of simply comparing 2000, 2006, and current year status. This eludes to the fact that down payments being paid by current borrowers on homes are higher now, 21.7%, than in 2007 when they were at 19%. But when taking the historical average into account, we are still below the historical average since 1974. Check out for more information regarding these statistics.

There seems to be an ongoing trend in Tampa bay real estate, and it is definitively looking up! While sale prices are down and volume of sales continue to increase, Tampa Bay is looking more attractive than ever. Contact SI Real Estate at 813.631.5144 or at if you think you are ready to indulge in this great time for buying.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Luxury Equestrian Home | Sits on Seven Lush Acres

South Americans Surge Florida Real Estate Market

Recent studies have shown that Florida’s real estate market is continuing its upward path in part by attracting South American international investors. The Brazilian real holds a 45 percent gain against the U.S. dollar and is continuing to drive South and Central Florida’s real estate markets to new heights. Recent oil discoveries off the coast of Brazil have spiked real estate prices in those South American regions which are nearest to this discovery. Both of these forces are driving investors and buyers to Florida beach cities like Miami and greater Tampa Bay.

While Miami may be the most culturally diverse city in Florida, Tampa bay is not far behind. The Hispanic population in Tampa Bay is the second largest ethnic group and the South American presence in the Tampa Bay area is very obvious. The abundance of waterfront and beach properties that Tampa Bay offers attracts those international investors and buyers; mainly because it’s what they are accustomed to in South America, but also those who are looking for homes, condos, town homes, and properties at better prices. Tampa Bay also stands out to the South American crowd, not only due to sub-tropical climates, but also offers reduced prices on consumer goods that are more expensive in countries like Brazil for example. The Tampa Bay real estate market and lifestyle also stands out to international investors and buyers due to an abundance of malls and shopping centers. Internationals can purchase designer goods and products at cheaper prices than they may be accustomed to. The owner of Algebra Realty in Miami, Jose Augusto Pereira Nunes, sums it up best by saying, “the tide and winds are in their (South Americans) favor, the exchange rate being the tide and prices here being the winds.”

If you or anyone you know is interested in learning more about the Tampa real estate market please contact SI Real Estate at 813.631.5144 or email us at

Monday, November 7, 2011

Real Estate Trends: International Buyers to Florida

Interest In US Real Estate Market Continues to See an Increase
The recent increase in international online inquires for real estate in the US is attributed to many factors. Many real estate buyers in the global community are drawn in due to the weakened value of the Euro. France and Italy have always been in the top tier of competition for global real estate searches, but the US is making its way to the top. Seeing a 1.06% increase in the last month may not seem like a great increase to most, but when comparing it to the usual competitors, who have both seen a drop of at least 1.5%; it is a substantial number that draws attention. The following link will offer further in depth details on real estate trends.
Foreign Homebuyer Proposal to Stimulate the US Real Estate Market
Some of this attention could be boosted even higher if a bi-partisan proposal is passed, which would allow for a “homeowner visa” for foreigners who spend $500,000 or more in US real estate. This action is likely to consume excess real estate inventory, stall any strain on pricing, and stimulate tourism especially in the state of Florida. Much of the bi-partisan support stems from restrictions on number of people coming with the investor, and benefits they would be eligible for. For example: they would be allowed to bring a spouse and minor children, but they would need to apply for a working visa in order to hold a job, and would not be eligible for benefits such as Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid. For further in depth information you can read more by clicking the following link:

Friday, October 21, 2011

Tampa Real Estate Optimism Demonstrated as Buyers Forge Forward

You Cannot Hold a Good Buyer Down!
They say that the strong forge forward, this adage is true in real estate as well. A recent article published by Realty Times explains that despite date on the job market and adjusted home values over the past several years, real estate home buyers are still pushing forward in pursuit of the dream of homeownership. Real estate ownership is a desire goal and many are striving to move forward to achieve their real estate goals.

A study of over 3000 adults over the age of 20, results in more than 59% of renters and 99% of existing homeowners feel that homeownership is important. Of those surveyed, a large majority also felt that homeownership is an economic cornerstone. Additionally, real estate makes a huge impact on the overall economic vitality of a region or city. It certainly has in Tampa.

The most important result of this study is that as many as two million people are waiting to purchase a home when the time is right. Of those surveyed 62% of existing homeowners and 59% of renters believe right now, today is a “good or very good time to buy”.

SI Real Estate observes the trends of our Tampa Bay's real estate market on a daily basis. We have our finger on the real estate pulse in our city. What we are seeing here in Tampa is that properties are moving, and are moving at a much more rapid pace that main stream media reports. For years, we have been in a buyers’ market. Now this trend is shifting. As these findings reflect, homeownership and real estate are desirable by so very many of the population. With low interest rates on mortgages, lower home prices, and incredible incentives, buyers are stepping up to take advantage of these benefits while they last.

If you or anyone you know is interested in talking to an experienced real estate professional about how to reach your real estate goals, call SI Real Estate at 813.631.5144 or email us at We are happy to help and are always available.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Real Estate Tampa: Top Reasons to Own

We encourage our readers to realize why real estate is such a valuable asset. It is the place you call “home” whether it is a rental or you own the home yourself. As previous blogs have emphasized in the past, the real estate market is changing. We are stabilizing out here in Tampa Bay and before prices start going to high we would like to review the top reasons why the majority of America still prefers owning their home over renting a property.

  • Savings
It can be a large misconception that owning a home is more expensive than renting a property. In today’s market where many renters are looking for the best properties for their money it is a very competitive market, driving rental prices up. In over 71% of America’s larger cities owning is cheaper than renting a comparable home. Looking in Tampa, you can rent a two bedrooms, two bath, and 1000 sq foot condo near Brandon/Tampa line for about $950-$1000 a month. If you wanted to own a brand new 1250 square foot townhome with two bedrooms and two and a half baths, you could pay as little as $850 a month (including taxes, insurance, and HOA dues). That is a huge difference!

  • Tax Breaks and Equity
If you are looking for the extra savings in taxes, real estate is also a great investment. Whether it’s a home you live in or a property to rent out and deduct expenses, tax benefits are a great reason to own. When looking at real estate long term, you need to consider the equity your home can build for you. Knowing you have a sound investment that will build over time.
  • Security
After all of the financial benefits listed above, it’s important to point out that not all benefits are defined by a dollar amount, stability and security is a huge part of owning a home. Knowing that you have a place to call home can be one of the best reasons to purchase a property. When you own, you have the opportunity to decorate and transform into your own space. You will not need to worry about rent rates increasing unexpectedly, or relying on an owner’s approval to continue your stay. You get the full satisfaction of knowing where you will sleep and share good times with family and friends.
Most of the bullet points we compiled for this blog was inspired by Realty Times. Although savings, tax breaks, and security are great benefits to owning your own home, they only represent a small portion of the advantages to home ownership. Prices are still low, interest rates are historically low, and it is less expensive to own a home in Tampa than rent a comparable property. What are you waiting for, if you are still renting and you have resources to buy a home, call SI Real Estate to get some more information. We are experience professionals who want to help you accomplish your real estate goals. We can be reached at 813.631.5144 or email us at

Friday, September 16, 2011

Real Estate Topics: Tampa, Florida One of Most Visited Cities

What makes someone visit one city over another? Is it entertainment, convenience, hospitality? We have a winning combination here in Tampa. According to a new report released from Concur, a travel and expense management company, Tampa is the 23rd most visited city in the United States.

What sets Tampa apart from so many cities across the country? Concur examined average costs for travel to Tampa but it didn’t identify the reason so many people set their travel plans to land in Tampa. Working in real estate we get an insider perspective about an area. We love Tampa for so many reasons. Residents and visitors get to enjoy close proximity to the beautiful bay, beaches, a strong arts community and unlimited options for entertainment, shopping, and dining. Tampa boasts major sports teams, 3 super bowls in the last 15 years, and national conventions just to name a few.

Real estate prices have dropped for the last couple of years. Now unemployment rates are decreasing and housing prices are trending upward for the last six months. We remembered why Tampa is such a popular place to visit and a great city to live in.

If you would like to purchase your own part of the Tampa Bay Area to call home, let SI Real Estate help you. We are experts in the area and we work hard to meet the needs of our customers. You can reach one of our real estate professionals at 813.631.5144 or email us at yourhome@sirealestateinvestments.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Real Estate Tips: When Your Home Won’t Sell…

We have seen a decrease in property values across the nation. Tampa Florida is no different, if a buyer purchased at the height of the market, they may not be able to sell the property for what is currently owed. This blog is to help let owners and sellers know what options they have to consider.

Revamp All Efforts to Sell House

The last thing you want to hear but the FIRST THING YOU SHOULD TRY is exhausting all efforts to get your home sold, relieving you of financial and legal responsibility. Meet with a savvy and local real estate professional. Examine your price point, evaluate your showing effectiveness of your home, and do some touch up repairs and maintenance to have it looking its best for potential buyers. We are seeing homes sell every day! As a matter a fact we reported in our last blog, “Life of Real Estate Agents in Tampa”, that we cannot find enough good quality inventory to show our clients! If you have a nice home, and you price it right for today’s market, it will sell!

Accidental Landlord Scenario

There is a term being pushed around by Zillow, called “accidental landlord”. The definition of this is a buyer who had no intention of renting or investing in their property to hold it open for tenants. The lack of equity in their home forces them to rent and move on, hoping for the best outcome with the situation as it is.

For some reason this term gets a negative connotation. There is nothing wrong with renting out your home! Many real estate investors purchase properties strictly to rent to tenants. However if you are not a financial position to carry the current mortgage and still feel financially stable in a new home purchase, talk to a real estate professional to see what options you may have.

We also highly encourage you to find a property management company to take care of your property for you. This removes the hassle of dealing with tenants 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Also, professional management companies can save you on cost of repairs when needed. It is well worth the investment.

If you have any questions about buying, selling, renting, or investing contact SI Real Estate at 813.631.5144 or email us at We have full property management services along with extensive knowledge of the Tampa Florida market and how to buy and sell properties with your best interest in mind.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Life of Real Estate Agents in Tampa, Florida

In the blogging world, we try to provide facts and interesting articles for our viewers so that you might find helpful information to satisfy your interest in following us.

SI Real Estate’s expertise is in real estate here in sunny Tampa, Florida. We feel it is important to inform our clients, associates, and customers that the real estate market in Tampa has a new trend, we no longer have over a year’s worth of inventory. As a buyer client, if you find a home you like, buy it before others start bidding.

Instead of quoting a good article or just cold facts we have been following in the real estate market, we decided to give you a real insight into what our company’s valued agents experience on a daily basis here in Tampa. As we all know, real estate is a local industry. It varies greatly from one zip code, city, and state to another. We have agents in our geographic area every day looking for the properties that fits the criteria and wish lists of their customers. What they see on a weekly basis may surprise you. Homes that hit the market at the right price, in good condition are going within days of being listed for sale. Furthermore, the properties worth buying frequently have anywhere from 2-20 offers on them. Not kidding.

If you are serious about finding a “good deal”, a good home, they are out there! They don’t have to be a short sale or bank owned property either. Buyers that plan on moving into the property they purchase want a home in good livable condition. This leads to bidding wars of eager homebuyers who too have found the place they imagine calling home. We cannot tell you how many times the listing agents and sellers respond to an offer by advising the buyer, “to give me your highest and best offer”.

Our advice for homebuyers, sellers, and investors is to establish your criteria for your real estate goals. This includes: price point, location, square feet, upgrades desired. Then list of what you are willing to comprise on. We can help you find what you want. If there is a limiting factor decide what is a deal breaker and stick to it. If you walk in a home and it meets your criteria and you love it, DO NOT WAIT! If you love it, act on it. Chances are others will deliver offers simultaneously. If a property is priced right, respect that and don’t lose your dream home.

If you are ready to discuss your options about buying, selling, or even renting call SI Real Estate to work with a professional who will listen to your needs. We can be reached at (813)631-5144 or email us at

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Real Estate Updates: HomeSteps Program Offering $1500 “Condo Cash”

Have you thought about purchasing a home, a condo, or townhome instead of continuing to throw your money away on rent every month? We regularly share with our customers that for years the market in Tampa Florida has been leaning in favor of buyers. Right now there is some incredible real estate buying opportunities to take advantage of.

According to a press release August 16, 2011 by Freddie Mac, the HomeSteps program is offering a $1500 incentive for qualified buyers in order to put towards condominium association dues. They will prepay condo dues for the new homebuyer to get adjusted into the property. In addition to condo cash, qualified homes may also receive a two year home warranty.

To find out more information about what offers there are in the market to help you find your next home, please contact SI Real Estate at 813.631.5144 or email us at

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Real Estate Tips: Get to Know Generation Y

Back in April, we posted a blog titled, “Younger Generation Predicted to Turn Real Estate Market Around”. We focused primarily on the young families and adults that made up Generation X (32-45 year olds). New research is also putting a lot of emphasis on Generation Y (15-32 year olds). The statistics suggest they will be a strong driving force for the next ten years!

Why is this group different from their older peers? The group is about equal to the baby boomer generation, about 77.4 million individuals. By sheer size alone, they are a significant percentage of the buying market. They make up over 25% of home buying age. They tend to be highly educated; more than 60 percent of them go to college. As more of this generation joins the work force there is going to be a “massive increase in housing demands”, according to University of Southern California Lusk Center for Real Estate.

Below is a list of what you need to know about this group in order to market to them:

Importance of Technology

This generation has always had access to computers. They are very comfortable with new and innovative technology and use it to the best of its abilities. This means they are doing research on real estate! Whether it’s pricing what they want or finding out how the market is doing. You need to know what they already do. Social Media and web surfing are daily habits on their end, they expect answers fast. They want to know that turning to you as an expert that you are listening to their questions and answering them. Embrace technology to locate generation Y buyers and keep connected.

Understanding their Schedules and Priorities

This generation is also very cautious. They have grown up in a time of uncertain markets. They are savvy buyers. They are highly educated, and research most major purchases. They are having trouble getting jobs or are afraid of cutbacks at their jobs. This comes into play with their spending habits. However, this does not discourage spending, it just creates priorities. Generation Y is already purchasing property younger than the generation before them. The average first home purchase is 26 years old (Generation X is 28). Understand what has shaped their thinking and appeal to it, don’t fight it.

Lifestyle is Key

These individuals are strongly influenced by their lifestyle. They like urban living where they can walk and ride bicycles to get where they want to go. Generation Y is getting married and having kids later. They view real estate as short-lived investment before their next stage. Most important features are convenience to where they want to go, shopping, restaurants, and amenities. Most of this generation also prefers low-hassle or maintenance free living. This means they don’t want a large yard to mow on their own. Entertaining and open spaces to accommodate guest is high on their want list. Also, useable outdoor living space highly appears to their outdoor nature. Find out what your buyers want and market it highlighting these key features.

If you have any questions or would like to talk to a real estate professional, contact SI Real Estate at 813.631.5144 or We know how to set up for the next wave of clients. Also, if you are looking to join a real estate firm that is changing with the market, contact us for current agent positions.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Real Estate Trends: Homebuyers Make Lifestyle Priority

The real estate saying, “location, location, location” might not hold as much weight to this generations buyers. According to Realty Times, lifestyle options including health, safety, and nearby activities may be a leading factor in home buying selection.

A recent survey conducted by Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate LLC and the Meredith Corporation reveal that homebuyers prefer these traits in their community:

1. Ease of commuting by car: 38%

2. Access to health and safety services: 34%

3. Family-friendly neighborhood: 33%

4. Availability of retail stores: 32%

5. Access to cultural activities: 21%

6. Public transportation access: 19%

7. Nightlife and restaurant access: 18%

8. Golf-friendly area–access to golf courses: 6%

If the community a buyer is currently living in doesn’t meet these desires, 1 in 5 homeowners have moved or would like to move to better fit their lifestyle. This data lets you as a seller know how to market your property to the way home buyers think and what they want. Showcase your home and describe how closely it meets the listed criteria.

If you are looking to sell or enjoy getting more real estate tips and trends to help you understand the current market, contact SI Real Estate at 813.631.5144 or email us at

Friday, July 22, 2011

Real Estate Tampa: One of Top Ten Cities for Rental Properties

More good news in the Tampa real estate market this week, Tampa ranks in the top ten cities for rentals. This information was provided by CNN Money.

According to their report, the labor market is on the rise, down a point in the last 12 months to 10.5% and this coupled with demand is expected to raise rent 12% over the next three years.

What does this mean to consumers? If you are in a position to purchase a home, now is the time! Prices are increasing, our last blog, Tampa Bay Housing Prices on the Rise we shared that prices have increased by 18.5 percent over the last 6 months steadily. With prices on rentals increasing and home prices starting a slow incline, get the best deal you can now. If you are an investor or ever thought of getting an investment property, don’t wait any longer to find your property. This steady increase in price we expect to continue and with rising rent rates, now is the time to buy in order to get a great return on your investment over the long run. If you are a renter, this is a market update for what to expect in the rental market in the coming months/years. Stay savvy in what to expect in rentals and the market overall.

If you would like to discuss your options or real estate goals with a professional, please contact SI Real Estate at 813.631.5144 or email us at

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Real Estate Facts: Tampa Bay Housing Prices on the Rise

We have been reporting about an interesting real estate trend in Tampa Bay. Real estate agents are pleasantly surprised that for months now that properties are moving, prices increasing, and finally the news is now reporting their findings, Tampa Bay homes prices are on the rise. The Tampa Bay real estate prices have risen or at least remained constant every month this year.

Tampa Bay
Price Changes 2011
 According to the St. Petersburg Times, the median selling price of single family homes (including conventional, foreclosures, and short sales) rose 18 percent from $107,500 to $127,000 from January 2011 until June 2011. This is a huge difference in price! If you look at conventional home sales alone in that six month period, the increase was 8.5 percent. The median price is now $169,900, the highest peak since October 2010. January $107,500

We hear the doom and gloom stories of no housing recovery for years, but let’s hear some street talk from SI Real Estate. Six steady months of housing price increases is a great sign we are moving in the right direction here in Tampa Bay Florida.

We also looked at some statistics here at SI Real Estate. Being experts in the local market we wanted to note a few other positive trends. Bank owned properties or REOs inventory in a fraction of what it was at the peak here in Hillsborough County. People are moving back towards conventional sales. People want a move in ready home and they are more confident in their purchases. We are seeing multiple offer listings, new construction sales rising, and buyer confidence really climbing. It is an exciting time to be in real estate.

If you would like to speak to an expert in the Tampa Bay Area, please contact SI Real Estate to speak to one of our talented agents. You can call our office at 813.631.5144 or email us at

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Real Estate Tips: Home Staging

One of the most important elements of buying a home is imagining yourself and your stuff in it. The best way for sellers to help their prospective buyers have a good first impression and easily visualize themselves living there is setting up the home is staging. Home staging is the practice of setting up your home so it is aesthetically pleasing to buyers.

Looking at an article in the Realty Times, they brought up the best secrets to staging. Maybe you can try and apply these tips in your home:

1. Declutter

The first and sometimes hardest part of subjectively looking at your home is removing clutter. After years or months of accumulating possessions, we sometimes slip on clearing all the extra things in our homes. Bottom line cutter is distracting and it gives the illusion the home does not have enough storage. Clear the extra knick knacks and furnishings in your home by putting in a better location or storage.

2. Cleaning

After clearing away clutter, the next most important step is thorough cleaning. The prospective buyers and agents can get a bad impression when a home is not cleaned. They assume it is also not maintained regularly. Before any showings make sure your property is clean and ready to invite people in.

3. Repairs

Make sure all the little projects you have left undone get repaired and fixed up. These projects may scare off potential buyers. Loose knobs on handles, touch-up paint, and other seemingly harmless repairs may tell the buyers that more has been neglected.

4. Neutral Décor

Neutral colors are the best choice for staging. Most buyers are paying attention to color; they may not have the same taste as you. Try and keep everything appealing to all buyers. Bright colors that do not agree with your potential buyers may start adding up in their mind as projects that need to be done and may be too overwhelming.

5. Appropriate furnishings

Make sure that the furniture is the right size for the room. Furniture that is too big for a room makes it feel smaller. The reverse is also true that small furniture makes a room feel disproportionate. Also try and use the room for its designed purpose. For instance a bedroom turned into an office may work for you but buyers may think the space is small or unusable for a bedroom. Also, dining rooms may not be necessary in your home, but not utilizing a separate dining room may turn off potential buyers.

If you are looking for some help in selling or staging your home, talk to professionals. Here in Tampa, Florida we have lots of options in staging assistance. Of our valued friends, Staging South Tampa, LLC is a great source for advice.

When it comes to getting your house sold, contact SI Real Estate. We pride ourselves in helping buyers, sellers, tenants, investors, and landlords in accomplishing their real estate goals. We can be reached at 813.631.5144 or email us at

Monday, June 27, 2011

Real Estate Tips: Buyers Agent for New Construction

Buying a new home can be very exciting, it is important that still being a savvy buyer while getting what you want in your new home. One of the most overlooked factors in a new home purchase is buyer representation. Although many builders are great and have great new homes sales consultants, as a buyer you need to have your own personal advocate and representative! Before viewing new construction homes and reviewing options, it is prudent to speak to a local agent who is familiar with the process and the area.

The prime example of real estate buyers seeking to go it alone is on new construction. Builders make it so convenient and easy to walk into a new community and get set up for your new home. Why would anyone consider having a buyer’s agent with them when viewing new construction? The following represent a few examples of your benefits:

Free Representation

The most important factor for any buyer having a designated agent is representation. This professional is your expert in the marketplace working to help you achieve your goals with having your best interest at heart. For most buyers this is completely free to you. Builders, all sellers, designate a commission right into their sales price; they do not negotiate that price down for new buyers who do not have a buyer’s agent. Would it bring you more comfort having someone in your corner at showings, contract negotiations, incentives from seller to buyer, final walk-thru and closing? I think so! Please be a savvy buyer and contact a buyer’s agent who is familiar with the area and procedures of new construction.

Increased Negotiation

The base price on newly constructed home is one the builders are not going to negotiate on, however most builders are willing to make some upgrades or changes to suit the new homeowner. Here at SI Real Estate our experience has shown us that you can get more by having an experienced agent at your side:

Our of our agents, Katie Crider, was able to negotiate all new flooring on a move-in ready home. They actually pulled up already installed carpet and laid down tile throughout the floor. Another client had all new fans and light fixtures added for no additional cost.

The key is having an agent familiar with what a builder is willing to negotiate on and have them negotiate the contract with you. Our Broker, Nibal Elsaadi, also has had great success with new construction lately. Buyers want to have modern and guaranteed homes. You cannot beat walking into a new home and giving the client exactly what they are looking for. Nibal was able to get one client over $22,000 worth of upgrades for just cost to the builder. It is also very common that he negotiates in closing costs, HOA fees for the first six months, or full appliance packages.

If you are exploring the idea of purchasing any home, again you should have a buyer’s agent! If you are looking to start looking into whether you can afford to purchase a home or have already been prequalified, please contact one of our agents at SI Real Estate. We can be reached at 813.631.5144 or email us at We understand the importance of integrity, hard work, and maintaining clients’ satisfaction.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Real Estate Tips: Be a Savvy Buyer

In 2011, real estate remains a true buyer’s market. In Tampa, prices are the lowest in the last decade and interest rates at historic lows, now is the time to purchase real estate. Whether it is your dream home, a vacation home, or an investment property you need to make sure you are looking at the big picture. Buyers now more than ever need to be savvy to recognize the good value when they see it.

Realty Times just published an article this week, “Savvy Buyers Know Value When They See It”. In this PJ Wade, compiles a list that all buyers should review before their next real estate purchase. She reminds all buyers that you do not need to approve of a sellers color scheme or décor, rather look beyond superficial things to the bones of a home. To help keep you on track during your purchase remember this important tips.

Be prepared if the first showing is the right place

Most buyers are anticipating the first house to not meet their expectations. If you go into the first house and it is what you are looking for, don’t wait too long to put in an offer. The good properties go quick if you delay two weeks to see other properties just for comparison, you may miss your opportunity completely. Be prepared before you start view real estate listings to know exactly what you want and be prepared to act right away.

Experience the property

The goal is a real estate showing is not just for you to take a quick glance from each doorway. You need to step inside each room, get a feel for it, and move around. See if the space is adequate for the furnishings you prepare to put in it. Real Estate is a large investment, make sure you are getting a true perspective in if this is the right property for you or not.

Don’t consider just the property alone, surrounding neighborhoods is key

No property is completely alone in a certain area of town. You cannot make a wise decision on a real estate choice until you have seen the surrounding neighbors and community. Most real estate professionals will instruct you to drive around, check on sources of noise (parks, schools, development. Make sure you will be happy knowing all the information you experience in the community. Check on zoning if you intend to have a home business for instance.

Get all the knowledge you need before making an offer

Sit down with your real estate agent and ask some important questions. Look up taxes, utility costs, and sales history. Get an idea of what to expect before you make an offer. This is a very important step that may get rushed over when you get excited about your new home. Be diligent, after the sale is complete this will help counteract any potential buyers remorse.

Don’t just look for a “dream house”, be realistic

All of these steps lead to one conclusion-be realistic! The excitement of your new home may inflate your expectations of the real estate market and what you can afford. Please savvy, know a good value when you see it, and be smart about the research you conduct before making an offer. You are not expected to be an expert on real estate, do not try and do all the work yourself. Have a licensed real estate agent you can trust in your corner to help you make the best purchase.

If you are looking for more tips on being a savvy buyer, or to find a trustworthy real estate agent to help you navigate through the buying process call SI Real Estate at 813.631.5144 or email us at

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Reason to Sell Your Real Estate in 2011

In a real estate market where everyone is holding their breath and waiting for updates on where the market is going, it is important to remember the basics. The reasons you should buy a property or reasons to sell a home. Below is list of the most common reasons to sell your home.

Ability to make Profit

Real Estate is a large investment, for most families the largest they have. When there is an abundance of equity in a property, or if they owners feel they can benefit from taking advantage of the buyers' market, it is a good time to sell. The real estate market is changing every day, right now we are in a buyer’s market but that may be changing. Take advantage of the rush of buyers while they are available.


Relocation may be a necessary next step in your life, maybe to follow a job, or maybe to choose a new location. Whatever the reason for relocation, homeowners have a big decision to make. Owners can turn into landlords or sellers. Most individuals feel more peace of mind knowing that they are selling their real estate to a buyer and passing on the responsibility of maintenance. This is a great time to list with a real estate firm you can trust to help you as you focus on your upcoming move.


Downsizing your home is a big and sometimes tough decision. If you no longer need the same amount of space you once needed, it may be time to sell. It will free up funds to purchase your next home that is more suitable for your needs.


One of the most common reasons to move is to upgrade to a new home. Whether it is your absolute dream house or just another step towards it, you may need to free up finances by selling your current real estate. Do not wait years in hopes the house gains more value as your family is growing. If you are ready to sell, take the step forward and list it with a trust worth Real Estate Company.

SI Real Estate is a company dedicated to our clients. With over 40 combined real estate experience, we know the Tampa Bay real estate market and we can help you buy, sell or rent your home. Call us today at (813)631-5144 or email us at to have us call you.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Real Estate Essentials: Choosing the Right Location

When undertaking the experience of purchasing a home, there are lots of important decisions to make. For instance, if you want a detached home or a community lifestyle, how many rooms, what are you willing to spend? The first and most important question any buyer or investor should ask is what locality do I want to be in.

You hear real estate professionals stress this factor often, location, location, location! It truly is the single most important factor on any real estate purchase. If you put the exact same house on two different lots in different areas of town, they will hold different values. How do you decide what vicinity is the best for you?

Economic Factors

Does this city have a high percentage of unemployment? Are there a large number of foreclosures? This is a shaky topic for a lot of Americans right now. Many people have unfortunately been let go of their jobs and are forced to default on loans and are not finding work easily. However if an area’s unemployment rate is increasing, that means more people are struggling and home values decrease with them. Foreclosures have a direct impact on comparatives sales in an area used to appraise your homes value. When looking for a new home, examine these factors and ask a real estate professional to help you compile past data to support your home buying decision.


School systems are always important to consider. If you already have children or plan to in the future, the explanation is not needed, you want the best education for your kids. Even if you don’t use the school system, they can affect your sales potential when you go to resell, always keep this in mind when viewing real estate.

Condition of Homes and Businesses

It is very important to examine the surrounding homes, businesses, and overall condition on surrounding area. This is a time to see yard maintenance of neighbors (this will affect home values), back streets and alleys, and also look for empty businesses in the area. All of these factors reflect the health of the neighborhood. Real estate values are subject to all the factors of a given area and appearance plays a big role!

Entertainment and Recreation

What entertainment options are important to you? Do you want to be near parks and reservation areas? Is shopping and restaurants a high priority to you? Do you enjoy the arts culture? All of these questions might seem minor compared to previous factors to define a district but in the long term, they will be a blessing or a curse depending on what you prefer to do in your spare time.

Here in Tampa Florida, SI Real Estate has experts in the local community. He can highlight some of the best areas for your desired needs and budget. We encourage you to look at New Tampa or Brandon and Riverview for some high demand communities. SI Real Estate utilizes our vast real estate experience and extensive Tampa Bay area knowledge to meet the needs of buyers, sellers, investors, landlords, tenants, and relocations. Contact SI Real Estate today to find your perfect location at (813)631-5144 or email us at

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tampa’s Channel District: Channelside | An Urban Lifestyle Continues to Develop

Channelside | An Urban Lifestyle Continues to Develop

Featuring Tampa’s Channelside. In downtown Tampa, Florida we are fortunate enough to have so many options where we can live, eat, work, and where to go have a good time. One of the hardest things to get used to in new larger city is to get to know different areas of town. As a real estate boutique in Tampa, we decided we were going to focus on a couple of areas of Tampa to bring you up to speed on what is going on.

One of the most lively areas in Tampa’s urban culture is downtown and Channelside. Here in Tampa, we have a booming downtown business district: retail, restaurants, nightlife, and arts abundant. You can even catch a cruise to an exotic destination or dinner on the bay. Channelside will keep any resident or visitor entertained. To understand the allure of Downtown, you should look at the area of Channelside. An example of how this neighborhood is up in coming can be found in the new construction of high rise, high life residences in Tampa’s vibrant arts district.

Arts for exapmle, after 28 years of providing entertainment in various theatres throughout the city, Stageworks has finally finished their theatre in Channelside at Grand Central at Kennedy. Stageworks Theatre is a 99 person theatre with new productions scheduled regularly. Knowing this could regularly draw in visitors, the co-developers of Mercury Advisors donated the 8,000 square foot space for the cause. This is our Tampa BUZZ!

Before the show starts you can always find great choices for dining and shopping throughout Channelside, including Channelside Bay Plaza (pictured abive). The views are panoramic!

Urban Real Estate

You can truly monitor the heath and growth of a neighborhood by the real estate progression around the area. In Channelside, it is very evident that developers are not afraid to spend a high dollar to create new housing as the Channelside district in Tampa continues to grow. There are several great housing options for residents wanting to buy or lease. Look at Grand Central ,The Slade, the Towers of Channelside, Skypoint, to name a few! All of these newer communities help define the Tampa downtown skyline and provide anyone who wants an urban lifestyle irresistible options.

If you are interested in finding a new housing option whether in the heart of downtown or a short commute, Building on over 40 years of experience in the industry, SI Real Estate simplifies and expedites Global Real Estate in Every Way. For individuals and businesses searching for highly personalized real estate services, SI Real Estate is the only option. We provide the complete spectrum of real estate services, utilizing our thorough real estate experience and extensive Tampa Bay area knowledge to meet the needs of buyers, sellers, investors, landlords, tenants, and relocations. You can reach one of Professionals at (813)631-5144 or email us at

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Real Estate Truths: Rent vs. Buy

There is so much news on the health of the real estate market every day. Many people are waiting until the market fully recovers before investing in real estate but some are not waiting. What if experts suggested however that buying a home is actually cheaper than renting?

The newest studies of 50 of the largest cities in America are suggesting that it is a smart decision to buy and cheaper than rent in the same area. Trulia just released a new chart with varying factors that show which of the 50 largest cities is better to buy vs. rent a home. The results boast 39 of those cities are cheaper to purchase property than rent.

Trulia is not the only one spreading the good news however, check out Inman News this week. The news source is reporting that 78% of the major cities in the U.S. it is cheaper to buy real estate than to rent a home.

How does the Tampa Bay Area compare? Tampa, Florida is not one of the top 50 cities by population in the US therefore it doesn’t make most of the list, however using our own knowledge of the Tampa Bay Area we can figure out statistically if it is a better idea to buy your home or rent locally. Using the rent ratio described by the NY Times, a formula created by taking purchase price of a property and dividing it by the annual cost to rent the exact same property. The rule of thumb is less than 20; usually better idea to purchase a property. If the ratio is over 20 you should at least consider renting.

If you look at SI Real Estate’s recent sales, we will compare some of our recent purchases. A South Tampa condo in Cordoba Beach Park (2BD/2BA) just sold for $130,000. The same condo rents for about $1550. So using the rent ratio formula you get 7.0. If you compared a new construction home is New Tampa, a very nice 3 bedroom 2 bath house in a great neighborhood would run about $205,000. Let’s say if it was rented at $1700, the ratio is still only 10.05. Both examples are well below the 20 point rule of thumb given.

If you don’t like math check out this website at NY Times, it lets you plug in your own numbers and see whether purchasing or renting is a better idea. Have fun and when you are ready to start house hunting call SI Real Estate at (813)631-5144 or email us at

Friday, April 29, 2011

Waterfont Townhome with BoatSlip | For Sale or Rent

3 BD/3.5 BA/2 CG/Boatslip
$325,000  MLS: T2465135
$2,000 per month   MLS: T2460929

This week we wanted to present a beautiful property for you to view. This is a luxury waterfront townhome that is currently listed for sale and for rent.
This beautiful home has three stories with three bedroom and three and a half bathrooms. You will be dazzled by the great attention to detail. It features lovely Plantation shutters, designer chandeliers, carpet and ceramic tile flooring throughout. There is a first floor game room features full cabinet wet bar, refrigerator and a full bathroom, along with an attached deck that leads to nature conservation. The gorgeous kitchen is updated with new applicances, gorgoues wood cabinets and an island for entertaining.

This Spinnaker Cove townhome also includes an additional deck off of the second floor living area with views of the natural and tropical Florida landscaping. Most of all, this property includes access to a 40 ft. boat slip with direct Tampa Bay access! The layout of this home includes over 2,500 sq. ft. of living space. The open floor plan includes a large, spacious living room, formal dining room, and attached two car garage. A laundry room with included washer and dryer and ample storage space is located on the third floor for your convenience. You will also enjoy a large master suite includes a walk-in closet and attached master bathroom with double sinks, glass walk-in shower, and large roman bathtub with Jacuzzi jets.

The community, Spinnaker Cove, features carefree waterfront living in a gated community with private docks. You are always guaranteed access to Tampa Bay's majestic sunrises and sunsets and the ability to own into this upscale lifestyle at an affordable price. The beautiful and luxurious townhomes of Spinnaker Cove are just minutes from everything. Live close to both downtown Tampa and Pinellas County. Spinnaker Cove is located off of SR 60 on Memorial Hwy, just minutes from the Westshore business district, Tampa International Airport, South Tampa, and a short drive from the beaches. Please call SI Real Estate to learn more about this amazing rental property at (813)631-5144 or email us at

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Real Estate Trends | Spring has Sprung

As the flowers and trees start to blossom, there is another change in the air. With drops in foreclosure filings and a rise in the buying market, could Spring bring a new season for real estate?

According to an article published by Housing Wire, Housing starts rise 7.2 % in March 2011. This is after a long decline of months. The data is collected from Department of Commerce, U.S. Census Bureau, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development every month to compare to previous months and previous years. March reached the highest peak in 16 months.

Another noteworthy statistic to highlight is that RE/MAX National Housing reported that, “Home sales jumped more than 10% in 53 of the 54 metros tracked by RE/MAX between February and March”. This is a huge accomplishment in such a harsh season of retail. In this article it also quotes Freddie Mac in projecting that annual sales this year will be up a total of 5%. Another important thing that Freddie Mac monitors is foreclosure prevention measures and Foreclosure cases. They reported to the Federal Housing Finance Agency that preventions dropped for the fifth straight month in a row and that Foreclosure starts are down 91,000 since last month and 71,000 down from this month last year.

Here in Tampa Bay, we are seeing similar real estate trends. The St. Petersburg Times released an article this week stating, “Sales of previously occupied homes in Pasco, Pinellas and Hillsborough counties jumped nearly 32 percent, from 3,258 in February to 4,296 in March.” That is a spike we haven’t seen in about five years locally. Mark Vitner, senior economist for Wells Fargo stated, “"It's a further indicator that the worst may be over. The bay area economy is modestly improving." In Hillsborough County alone, there was a 33% jump in sales from the previous month.

All of these numbers might be overwhelming at first but they are a huge boost in confidence that the Real Estate Market has strong momentum. Spring is always a high home buying season and this year let’s hope that it really moves the real estate market forward. Confidence in the market is building. SI Real Estate sees new progress every day. If you would like to list your property for sale or start looking to purchase a new home call us today at (813)631-1806 or email us at

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Younger Generation Predicted to Turn Real Estate Market around

Since the slump in the real estate market started everyone has wondered where and when relief would be found. There is a new group of people that are drawing confidence in the housing recovery.

A new study was released in March by the National Association of Home Builders states that, “Generation X –young families and adults ages 31 to 45 – are likely to lead the home buying recovery as it gets underway”. Gen X as they are referred to makes up 32% of the home-buying age population. They are not the largest group (Baby boomers make up 41%) but they are the most mobile. They are fully engrossed in careers and need to expand to accommodate larger families. When surveying 10,000 potential buyers in 27 metro areas, between 85-89% said now is a good time to buy!

What does this Generation of home buyers want?

More space! Most are growing in careers and families and want a bigger home than they currently live. In addition to space inside they want more space on their property. Although amenities seem like a hot button item, 46% said they would prefer a home in a larger lot versus 21% looking for a neighborhood in walking distance to everything. Finally 70% stated they would be willing to spend an additional $5,000 for a green home. Another very important feature that helps makes the sale to this individuals-design. They are willing to pay a premium for things such a modern architecture and dark wood cabinets.

Strategy Changes for Selling to Generation X

This younger generation of real estate purchasers is not the same as the generation before them. They have grown up in a world of skepticism and work independently to see what they want and what they should pay for it. They are willing to do research and utilize technology to get answers. What do you need to concentrate on when selling a property to this group?

Most important difference between a younger generation of buyers versus their older peers is technology. Technology is very important to these innovative individuals. Often referred to as the “MySpace generation”, the term is widely misleading. They may spend time on social networking and entertainment but they also turn to the virtual world for information. They are inundated but they absorb exactly what they need and are prepared when making a purchase decision. As a seller or real estate agent, remember to utilize the virtual tools that draw this generation in and respond quickly before they move on to the next prospect.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Tampa Real Estate Sales Still Rising

Although there has been a high number of a sale in the Tampa Bay real estate market the last couple of months, the industry is sending some mixed signals. What is happening in our changing market?

According to The Tampa Tribune, “Homes sales are climbing, up 16 percent from a year ago and 24 percent from last month”. However since there is such a high number of bank owned and distressed properties, the median sale price is only $111,100.

Of the 2,375 real estate sales in Tampa in February 2011, a large majority were bought by investors. They see properties in distress, prices continuing to decline and investors are cashing in.

The spring selling season is around the corner however, and projections are expecting more traditional homebuyers to start jumping in. Most first time and repeat homebuyers are not interested in the distressed properties. They start off looking at the price tag, but are not prepared to deal with the challenges once viewing the property. They see the value in finding a home that is ready for them to enjoy immediately. New construction home sales are up and with the new selling season, median sales price is expected to increase.

All of these statistics are causing one more interesting trend in Florida, real estate sales agents are increasing. According to The Orlando Sentinel, After a slump in the real estate market in mid-2007, the pool of real estate professionals has dropped more than 13%, however Since the beginning of 2011, the numbers have been edging back up, it is predicted that 268,257 registered brokers and agents were active in Florida’s real estate market by the end of February 2011.

With homes sales rising, positive projections of buyers confidence in purchasing real estate again, and professionals confidence in real estate careers, Tampa bay may be shaping up for some market improvements. Now is your time to move forward.

SI Real Estate works with Buyers, Sellers, and Investors to get the most out of the Tampa real estate market. Call us today at 813.631.5144 or email us at

SI Real Estate is also looking for qualified agents, whether you have 20 years experience or just received your license. Contact our office to start your real estate career with SI Real Estate. You will see that we are “Global Real Estate in Every Way”.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Owning a home is Still Cool: Here are the Real Estate Reasons

• Long term Investment

According to Realty Times,” An average appreciation rate during normal times is around 6.5 percent a year. That means if you buy a home for $100,000, in just ten years you will have a home that could feasibly sell for around $174,000”

• Personal and Community Stability

Owning a property creates a sense of community and accomplishment. People take better care of property; have higher graduation rates and lower crime rates in more stable communities with large percentages of homeowners.

• Tax-Breaks

Tax benefits are a huge asset to many Americans, you can deduct mortgage interest, and there are tax credits and money back for making energy efficient upgrades. These breaks might not seem like a lot at first but for middle income families they can add up fast.

• Benefit to Economy and Job Growth

According to Houselogic, “For every two homes sold, one job is created in the U.S.” Each housing purchase is estimated to generate $60,000 towards economic activity. This is a huge advantage to consider in the long term picture of our country’s and communities’ financial recovery.

• Making Your Property a Home

One of the largest advantages in owning a home comes down to making it your own. You can accomplish this by doing whatever upgrades, decorations, and changes you would like without approval from a landlord. Over time, the investment pays off by creating a home for you, friend, and family to build lasting memories and enjoy a home base.

What are you waiting for? Call an SI Real Estate professional at (813)631-5144 or email us at to start finding your new home today.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tampa Real Estate Trends for Buyers/Sellers

The Real estate market is still changing. Homes are selling every day however, buyers have changed their expectations. Keeping you informed on what to expect when buying or selling a property in today’s market.

1. Buyers are opting for smaller homes

Constraints on housing market really have made buyers reevaluate what is necessary in their next home purchase. A study conducted by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) reveals that homes are expected to be ten percent smaller in the next couple of years. “To save on square footage, the living room is high on the endangered list-52 percent of builders expect it to merge with other spaces in the home by 2015 and 30 percent said it would vanish entirely.”

2. Heavy influence on purchase decisions can be swayed in favor of green and eco friendly properties

The NAHB reports that not only floor plans are changing. “68 percent of builders are including green and eco-friendly features by 2015. This includes low-E windows, engineered wood beams, water-efficient feature and energy star rating throughout.”

3. Curb Appeal is still very influential in the buyers’ willingness to buy their new home

The National Association of Realtors reports, “49 percent of buying decisions are based on curb appeal” in a normal market. Even in times of foreclosures and short sales, buyers judge whether to view a property or not by the curb appeal. Curb appeal doesn’t just affect the property being sold either; a buyer looks at the neighborhood as a whole. Improving curb appeal can be as simple as removing some weeds, retouching paint, or simply asking a neighbor to straighten their yard if you are on good terms. It may make the difference in whether you get a buyers attention or they move on the next real estate listing.

It is important as a buyer, seller, relocation, or investor to know what trends affect your real estate decision. To get in contact with a real estate expert in Tampa, Florida call SI Real Estate at (813)631-5144 or email us at

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Real Life Real Estate...New Construction vs. Foreclosure

A hot topic for potential homebuyers is, should I look Foreclosures, existing older homes, or New Construction? The hype lately seems to be on Short sales and Foreclosures. Bank owned properties are being snatched up by cash investors and we hear of bidding wars everyday in Tampa over bank owned properties. Investors have money to spend, and no desire to occupy the property personally, they can fix any issues that arise with no problems. It is very enticing for a buyer to see large discounts foreclosed and short sales but what else does a buyer need to consider when deciding on purchasing a home?

SI Real Estate has helped three clients purchase a new Construction home in the last two weeks. What made these buyers decide purchasing a new home was better than foreclosure and existing home options? There is a great website being advertised by Lennar homes, “Buying a New Home vs. a Foreclosed Home”. This website highlights advantages of purchasing new construction. Buyers need to consider all pros and cons of new homes vs. distressed properties before enduring the long process of locating an acceptable Foreclosed home or short sale, and hoping for the best.

Advantages of New Construction

Affordability- Builder Incentives, Lower prices, and energy efficiency

Timing- Immediate Occupancy or a set time frame you decide upon

Customization- You can add the features you want before moving in and all of it is included in price of home.

Warranties- Any credible builder will provide guarantees or warranties on labor, materials ad structural repairs so buyers can remain worry free.

Foreclosure Information

Florida and Tampa have both been affected by large amounts of Foreclosures for many months. It has impacted the entire real estate market. This could be starting to change however, according to Florida Trend, "For the second month in a row, no Florida cities posted foreclosure rates in the top 20 among U.S. metropolitan areas with a population of 200,000 or more," This is more important once you compare that statistic to projections in 2010 which names 9 metro areas in Florida in the top 20 foreclosures in the country.

There are advantages for certain buyers of short sales and bank owned properties. For instance, for investors with enough cash to purchase and repair the property, a bank owned property could be the best option. All buyers should consider the following precautions when considering Foreclosed properties and short sales. Distressed properties can be very difficult to find financing for. This is not an issue for cash investor and that is why they are collecting so many bank owned properties right now. Another factor to consider is timing, time frames on response and closings can vary greatly for each deal, extremes range from two weeks to two years. Finally, the most important detail to consider in any real estate purchase is knowing the condition of the property. Most foreclosed properties are bought with the understanding there will be no repairs, warranties, or guarantee of their condition.

Buying any property is a big decision, talk to an expert in the area you are considering the purchase. SI Real Estate can help you with all your real estate needs including new and existing homes, and bank owned and short sale properties in the Tampa Bay area. Please call our office at (813)631-5144 or email us at

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tampa Real Estate Market is Moving, SI Real Estate Seeks New Agent

Over the last couple of weeks, SI Real Estate has been posting updates on what we see in the Tampa real estate market. We have shown trends of Housing Affordability being the highest in 20 years, we have discussed that Tampa, Florida is one of the most searched real estate markets online, and the large increase in Purchases and Multiple offer competitions in the Market. All of this adds up to the conclusion the market is changing and we want to be ready for it. SI Real Estate is front and center in the Tampa Bay real estate market we are seeking some new real estate agents to join our team.

SI Real Estate, Tampa is your full-service real estate boutique that assists buyers, sellers, relocations, and investors with their real estate needs. We maintain an entrepreneurial spirit with a relaxed, yet serious and productive environment. We are a team of talented professionals with experience, drive and motivation. Our reputation and client rapport is renowned for unique quality and personalization. With tremendous competition, we stand out in a crowded world.

SI Real Estate has a marketing program which over-performs, hence providing us with an abundance of qualified leads. The opportunities are limitless for motivated agents seeking challenge and change.

We are looking for licensed real estate agents in The Tampa Bay area who already have experience in the real estate industry who can join our dynamic team. Individuals who are currently working on or have recently acquired their sales associate real estate license are also encouraged to contact us. We can offer strategic planning and comprehensive training for those candidates motivated to learn and grow professionally.

Please contact us to arrange a meeting (813) 631-5144 or submit resumes to: