Friday, June 4, 2010

International Investors Fueling Florida Real Estate Market

Just the Facts!

There is so much talk and press about whether now is the time to buy real estate in Tampa, Florida. Well, let us let you in on a not-so-little secret. Whether locals have come to realize it or not, real estate is a hot commodity to international investors. Canadians, South Americans, Europeans, Russians and Middle Easterners are all pouring money, usually cash, into our real estate market, right here and right now.

Tampa, Florida is a destination city for the international community. Its location plays a big part as we are near multiple international airports, making traveling here a breeze. A huge consideration for the Canadian investors is that we are actually a drive market for them. Not only can they hop on a plane, but they can jump in their car and be here in no time flat. Additionally, Tampa is only a 20-40 minute drive to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Orlando being just an hour away offers world-class fun to the international traveler. What is there not to love? How good does it get?

So, in spite of the global economy and rumors by naysayers, Tampa, Florida real estate is in high demand by international investors. This is SI Real Estate’s first-hand experience. Numerous sales have come about already this year due to the influx of international dollars in to this market; and SI’s international clients want more properties. More transactions are in the cue and demand is growing.

Just the facts…Tampa, Florida real estate is on the radar of international property investors! SI Real Estate is front and center in Global Real Estate. We are culturally diverse and can meet the demand of multi-lingual communities. SI Real estate is up to the global interest and demand. Are you?