Monday, June 21, 2010

Real Estate Investors Just Know

Now Is the Time to Buy Property in Tampa, Florida

Although U.S. real estate prices have taken a hit during the troubled economic conditions, there are reasons to cheer if you are looking for diversity in your investment portfolio. While the discounted prices may not be good for short-term investors who wish to purchase real estate in a booming economy and then immediately resell it for a profit, investors with a long-term vision see bigger opportunities. With the ever changing conditions of the U.S. real estate market, right now appears to be the best time for bargain hunters to grab cheap properties that will grow in value over time.

National and international investors are keenly aware of the unprecedented rock-bottom prices of real estate here in Tampa, Florida and around the country, and they are taking advantage of the opportunities in this market. Savvy investors are using their strong cash postures to invest in real estate. Cash is still king, and those with cash are purchasing bank-owned properties, foreclosure properties, short sales, and even non-distressed sales as the overall market has led to a lowering of home values across the board.

While investors already know that “Now is the time to buy”, others may still be sitting on the fence. Those sitting on the fence will look in their rear view mirror and wish they had not waited at all. Builder, resale, and REO inventory is being purchased at a rapid rate, and this is stabilizing the real estate market. Once the market has realized a balance, those who did not purchase now will wish they had, no doubt. Whether you are a national or international investor or just an individual looking to make a wise investment in your own future, now really is the time to buy!

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