Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The New Standard for Real Estate Listing Videos

Real estate listing videos have gained tremendous popularity over the last several years, acting as an invaluable asset for real estate agents. Whether by using a personal YouTube channel or featuring videos on a company website, these videos have allowed for increased interest from homebuyers across the nation. Not only do the videos increase the number of quality buyer leads for a listing, but they also act as a specialized marketing tool for increasing overall awareness of an agent or agency.

Many listing videos tend to follow a predictable pattern of home images with classical music and a monotonous narrator in the background, which can nearly lull viewers to sleep. However, there are some agents who dare to be different. A real estate agent for Houlihan Lawrence of New York, Brian Murray, broke away from the lackluster pattern of a typical listing video when he starred the homeowner’s golden retrievers in his video. In efforts to create a custom theme for the property and connect with viewers on a personal level, Murray had the retrievers serve as tour guides of the home’s wide-ranging acreage and lush landscape, some of its strongest features.

This listing video resonates in the hearts and minds of viewers and creates a long-lasting impression, which is much more than can be said about a simple slideshow of photographs with a narration of the finite home details. Aside from increased buyer leads and exposure, a video of this magnitude can also substantially increase the amount of listings one can gain from clients. The standard of listing videos has been set by Mr. Murray, and you can expect to see more agents following in his footsteps in the times ahead.