Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Foreign Investment in United States Real Estate Remains Strong

At SI Real Estate, we are keenly aware of the fact that international investors continue to seek to purchase real estate in Florida and in other regions in the United States. We have seen a steady influx of foreign investors who are actively investing in our Tampa Bay housing market. While some naysayers about the real estate market here in Tampa, have been sitting idly by, the global investor community are buying real estate, and making money doing it!

Some may ask, “Just who is it that is investing in our real estate market?” Well, the latest profile of international activity in the U.S. housing market published by the National Association of Realtors® has revealed many interesting figures regarding that question. Foreign Investment in U.S. Real Estate (2010) – The Stats (Realtors Report) shows the biggest finding was in the state by state breakdown of foreign purchases. The report shows that Florida had 22% of the transactions by international purchasers, California had 12%, Arizona had 11%, and Texas had 7%.

Also shown in the report is a look at the nationalities that are most prevalent in the U.S. housing market:

Another finding in this report was the breakdown of foreign purchases by purchase price.  During recent years there was a lot of talk about prime property markets performing better than lower bands, but the NAR report has confirmed that this is not the case in the U.S.
“All in all the report contained few surprises, right down to the fact that most properties purchased by foreigners were cash-sales. None the less it is still good to get a look at how the market today compares with the last few years, and if anything the lack of differences between the market during the boom and during the bust is the biggest surprise.”

SI Real Estate has worked with international investors for many years and continues to do so. The weak dollar along with bargain-basement real estate prices in the Tampa, Florida area makes this a great place for the international investor to purchase multiple investment properties. Feel free to contact us for more information on investing in the Tampa, Florida real estate market.

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