Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tampa’s Channel District: Channelside | An Urban Lifestyle Continues to Develop

Channelside | An Urban Lifestyle Continues to Develop

Featuring Tampa’s Channelside. In downtown Tampa, Florida we are fortunate enough to have so many options where we can live, eat, work, and where to go have a good time. One of the hardest things to get used to in new larger city is to get to know different areas of town. As a real estate boutique in Tampa, we decided we were going to focus on a couple of areas of Tampa to bring you up to speed on what is going on.

One of the most lively areas in Tampa’s urban culture is downtown and Channelside. Here in Tampa, we have a booming downtown business district: retail, restaurants, nightlife, and arts abundant. You can even catch a cruise to an exotic destination or dinner on the bay. Channelside will keep any resident or visitor entertained. To understand the allure of Downtown, you should look at the area of Channelside. An example of how this neighborhood is up in coming can be found in the new construction of high rise, high life residences in Tampa’s vibrant arts district.

Arts for exapmle, after 28 years of providing entertainment in various theatres throughout the city, Stageworks has finally finished their theatre in Channelside at Grand Central at Kennedy. Stageworks Theatre is a 99 person theatre with new productions scheduled regularly. Knowing this could regularly draw in visitors, the co-developers of Mercury Advisors donated the 8,000 square foot space for the cause. This is our Tampa BUZZ!

Before the show starts you can always find great choices for dining and shopping throughout Channelside, including Channelside Bay Plaza (pictured abive). The views are panoramic!

Urban Real Estate

You can truly monitor the heath and growth of a neighborhood by the real estate progression around the area. In Channelside, it is very evident that developers are not afraid to spend a high dollar to create new housing as the Channelside district in Tampa continues to grow. There are several great housing options for residents wanting to buy or lease. Look at Grand Central ,The Slade, the Towers of Channelside, Skypoint, to name a few! All of these newer communities help define the Tampa downtown skyline and provide anyone who wants an urban lifestyle irresistible options.

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