Friday, September 16, 2011

Real Estate Topics: Tampa, Florida One of Most Visited Cities

What makes someone visit one city over another? Is it entertainment, convenience, hospitality? We have a winning combination here in Tampa. According to a new report released from Concur, a travel and expense management company, Tampa is the 23rd most visited city in the United States.

What sets Tampa apart from so many cities across the country? Concur examined average costs for travel to Tampa but it didn’t identify the reason so many people set their travel plans to land in Tampa. Working in real estate we get an insider perspective about an area. We love Tampa for so many reasons. Residents and visitors get to enjoy close proximity to the beautiful bay, beaches, a strong arts community and unlimited options for entertainment, shopping, and dining. Tampa boasts major sports teams, 3 super bowls in the last 15 years, and national conventions just to name a few.

Real estate prices have dropped for the last couple of years. Now unemployment rates are decreasing and housing prices are trending upward for the last six months. We remembered why Tampa is such a popular place to visit and a great city to live in.

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