Monday, December 22, 2008

Don't Fear The National Market Forecasts

Have you read about the 2009 Housing Market Forecast, portraying the dismal real estate market across the United States? The news is rampant with reports about how bad the real estate market is, especially in certain areas of California, New York and Michigan.

Whether you are considering buying or are ready to sell, Tampa, Florida is the perfect place to do it! Why? Because Tampa isn't like other areas of the country. Tampa is a tourist city and a place people go when they retire. Tampa is where people go when they dream of getting out of the cold and snow. These conditions exist regardless of what national market reports say.

So, feel comfortable in knowing that you can sell your house now instead of waiting - because tourists and retirees exist no matter what! Feel comfortable knowing that you can buy now because of the affordable homes and condos available here!

Contrary to what the media says, now is a great time to buy in Tampa, Florida! If you have specific questions about market conditions in Tampa, feel free to e-mail us at!

~The SI Team

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