Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Tampa Bay Area is a Hotbed of Activity for Local and Foreign Investment in Real Estate

When the real estate market started to take a downturn a couple of years ago, foreign investors started to shy away from investing in the United States. All of that has changed in the last year with the rise of bank-owned homes and properties on the market at unbelievable prices sparking interest from local and international real estate buyers. This coupled with the weakened U.S. dollar against the strength of the Canadian dollar, the Euro, and the pound which makes foreign investors' money stretch farther than it ever has before in today’s buyer's market.

Tampa, Florida has always had active, powerful interest from international real estate investors, visitors and buyers. Right now, many are ready to take advantage of the foreclosure prices to buy a second home for vacation, for a child to attend the University of Tampa or the University of South Florida, or even for the abundant buyer opportunities that are available in the Tampa Bay area.

“Much of Tampa Bay’s international popularity stems from our award winning beaches in Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Fort DeSoto. Tampa’s proximity to world renowned attractions like Disney World, Universal Studios and the greater Orlando area put us in a prime position for global investors, “says Nibal Elsaadi of SI Real Estate Investments in Tampa, Florida. “We have high rises that boast post-modern and Art Deco architecture and the redevelopment of Tampa’s downtown area and Riverwalk have been made a high priority and thus has driven investors to the area.” In addition to the revitalization of Tampa’s urban Areas, South Tampa, New Tampa and West chase have proven to be established communities which have held their real estate values remarkably.

Real estate properties are priced at the lowest in many years in Tampa Bay, especially foreclosure and bank owned properties , both which used to have a negative stigma associated with them, but investors and every day buyers now realize that many of these homes are move-in ready and do not require a large amount of renovations. This is appealing to buyers and investors from overseas who may not have the time to renovate a long-term project. Tampa is absolutely feeling the positive effects of booming foreign real estate investment. SI Real Estate has been able to maximize the buying power of its foreign investor clients with their ability to know how to find the exact property that fits each individual investor’s needs.

Building on over 40 years of combined experience in the industry, Nibal Elsaadi and the staff of SI Real Estate Investments, LLC simplifies and expedites Global Real Estate in Every Way: any real estate service any buyer, seller, investor, or developer could need, all with an unsurpassed level of quality and personalization. Please visit our website to see what a few clients have had to say about the TEAM OF SI Real Estate Investments.

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Anonymous said...

It's good to know that Tampa is seeing the silver lining in today's real estate market downturn. International investors are eating up these opportunities right now!

SI Real Estate Investments said...

Hello! Thanks for your comment. Second generation investors are purchasing bank owned properties with cash at terrific prices in Tampa Bay. Owner occupied buyers are racing to get into homes at unprecedented prices in time to get their tax credits.

TampaAgent said...

It's great that foreign investors are coming to the Tampa Bay Area, and local Tampa residents are catching on to making extra money by buying homes at these low prices for extra rental income. Great post!