Monday, April 20, 2009

Foreign Investors Increasingly Interested in U.S. Real Estate Market

Tampa Bay Top Florida Investment Market

International real estate investors are taking advantage of the U.S. real estate market’s excellent deals and those buyers with cash available see the American market as a very appealing investment, reaping excellent benefits and ensuring the best value for their money. Regardless of our current economic status, international buyers still see our market one of the safest and most secure investments. Interest in our real estate market has grown since the housing prices began to plummet and is expected to increase by more than 70% percent this year, according to a recent study by the Association of Foreign Investors In Real Estate (AFIRE).

According to the Reality Times article “International Investors Bullish on America; See Opportunity in U.S. Real Estate” AFIRE conducts an annual survey at the beginning of each year and this year they found that their investment group, which controls the largest amount of money in the world – they have all of the largest pensions funds and investments and they control over 1$ trillion – has one-third of their investments here, in the U.S. This article also stated “What’s interesting is in the early part of this decade and the last decade; the international investors traditionally went to the tops tier markets – New York, Washington, Chicago, L.A. Now, they’ve gotten more comfortable looking at second and third tier markets.”

Florida has definitely seen this increase of real estate investors in our market lately, especially here in Tampa Bay. The central Florida real estate market has always been enticing to foreign investors due to its tropical climate, international attractions, and abundance of activities, and these factors, along with our record low real estate prices, have draw in even more interest from international buyers looking to invest in the U.S. The Tampa Bay market has continued to stay strong throughout the economic downturn and we at SI Real Estate have been fortunate enough to be on the radar of these foreign cash buyers looking to the best values. Tampa Bay is one of the top thriving metropolitan cities in the state of Florida and has continued to have massive appeal to both international investors and local buyers attracted to our prosperous business district, strong municipal government, and multitudes of entertainment attractions.

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Anonymous said...

There has definately been an influx in the investor interest here in Tampa. It is such a great time to purchase investment property with instant cash flow! We see these properties flying on and off the market!