Friday, December 18, 2009

Tips to Consider when Investing in Real Estate

With economic and housing market stabilization underway in many metropolitan areas, investors are becoming increasingly interested in the real estate market again. The abundance of available housing at rock bottom prices makes this an appealing time to boost property holdings. Markets such as the Tampa Bay area have seen an increase of both seasoned and new real estate investors interested in taking advantage of our developing city.

If you are considering a real estate investment, there are many details you will need to take into account. Here are a few tips to help in your property investment decision:

Weigh the rewards and risks –Investing in real estate carries great potential for wealth. However, such opportunities rarely come without making difficult decisions. Before investing, consider your options. Are you qualified to handle evictions, time management, repairs, reinvesting into the property, and keeping up with documentations and inspections on your own? If the demand seems too much, are you willing to employ the assistance of real estate professionals to address your property management requests? Weigh the rewards and risks to decide how to receive the best return for your investment.

Consider your location - Be sure to target markets where you can buy low and add value over time. Do your own thorough research to ensure that you are making an informed business decision. Stay away from hot, over hyped, over competitive markets. In hot markets, often times you may have already missed the boat and are buying high.

Have a sizable down payment – Investors are more scrutinized than ever by banks, and financing can pose much more of a challenge than it may have been in years past. According to, mortgage insurance won’t cover investment properties, so you will need at least 20 percent down to secure traditional financing for your investment. Cash is king and making a substantial down payment, or even a full cash purchase, gives you instant equity in your investment.

Do your best in ensure positive cash flow – Being unprepared for a property that may swallow cash every month can quickly reduce the amount of capital you have to work with. Predicting constant appreciate is never easy. Lack of due diligence places a painful strain on your investment income and may force you to sell your investment before the full benefits are discovered. However, with market knowledge and the assistance of seasoned real estate professionals, you can take the necessary steps to ensure positive return on your investment.

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bhravo said...

It is important that you determine your needs and wishes for success in investment. The houses are known to be the most important investment you can do about the high cost you pay. But if you look hard looks, you will find something that is affordable.

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Anonymous said...

I am agree with Bhravo we know that a house is the most important in investing. So we should consider those tips before investing in a real estate. A lot of information I can get here. Thanks.

real estate course said...

Thanks for the tips. They are very useful and handy