Friday, March 26, 2010

Most Common Mistakes Home Buyers Make

Home buyers often times make mistakes that can be avoided by working with a licensed REALTOR®. It is an exciting process to search for and find that “perfect home”, but home buyers who take on the task by themselves quickly find that they would have been better off asking for the help of a skilled real estate professional right from the beginning. Finding a home for sale that a buyer likes is not the challenge, but finding a home that the buyer can actually afford, that is priced properly in today’s market so that the deal does not fall through at the time of the appraisal, and that is a good investment takes far more knowledge than a person without a real estate license possesses. Hire a professional. Interview your potential agent.

The article Most Common Mistakes Home Buyers Make posted by® addresses this topic. “By working with an agent from the get-go, you will only see properties that are within your budget and located in the neighborhoods that best match your criteria. Express your “shopping list” to your agent – who will then pick and choose homes based on that list. Doing it on your own is hit and miss – and can be terribly disappointing.” Not having all the facts about a property can lead to disappointment and, even worse, having the deal fall through for any myriad of reasons that an unlicensed person is not aware of going into the contract process.

If you are interested in buying a home, contact a licensed REALTOR® and avoid the most common mistakes home buyers make. Be ahead of the game by enlisting the help of a skilled real estate professional.

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