Thursday, May 19, 2011

Real Estate Essentials: Choosing the Right Location

When undertaking the experience of purchasing a home, there are lots of important decisions to make. For instance, if you want a detached home or a community lifestyle, how many rooms, what are you willing to spend? The first and most important question any buyer or investor should ask is what locality do I want to be in.

You hear real estate professionals stress this factor often, location, location, location! It truly is the single most important factor on any real estate purchase. If you put the exact same house on two different lots in different areas of town, they will hold different values. How do you decide what vicinity is the best for you?

Economic Factors

Does this city have a high percentage of unemployment? Are there a large number of foreclosures? This is a shaky topic for a lot of Americans right now. Many people have unfortunately been let go of their jobs and are forced to default on loans and are not finding work easily. However if an area’s unemployment rate is increasing, that means more people are struggling and home values decrease with them. Foreclosures have a direct impact on comparatives sales in an area used to appraise your homes value. When looking for a new home, examine these factors and ask a real estate professional to help you compile past data to support your home buying decision.


School systems are always important to consider. If you already have children or plan to in the future, the explanation is not needed, you want the best education for your kids. Even if you don’t use the school system, they can affect your sales potential when you go to resell, always keep this in mind when viewing real estate.

Condition of Homes and Businesses

It is very important to examine the surrounding homes, businesses, and overall condition on surrounding area. This is a time to see yard maintenance of neighbors (this will affect home values), back streets and alleys, and also look for empty businesses in the area. All of these factors reflect the health of the neighborhood. Real estate values are subject to all the factors of a given area and appearance plays a big role!

Entertainment and Recreation

What entertainment options are important to you? Do you want to be near parks and reservation areas? Is shopping and restaurants a high priority to you? Do you enjoy the arts culture? All of these questions might seem minor compared to previous factors to define a district but in the long term, they will be a blessing or a curse depending on what you prefer to do in your spare time.

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