Friday, October 21, 2011

Tampa Real Estate Optimism Demonstrated as Buyers Forge Forward

You Cannot Hold a Good Buyer Down!
They say that the strong forge forward, this adage is true in real estate as well. A recent article published by Realty Times explains that despite date on the job market and adjusted home values over the past several years, real estate home buyers are still pushing forward in pursuit of the dream of homeownership. Real estate ownership is a desire goal and many are striving to move forward to achieve their real estate goals.

A study of over 3000 adults over the age of 20, results in more than 59% of renters and 99% of existing homeowners feel that homeownership is important. Of those surveyed, a large majority also felt that homeownership is an economic cornerstone. Additionally, real estate makes a huge impact on the overall economic vitality of a region or city. It certainly has in Tampa.

The most important result of this study is that as many as two million people are waiting to purchase a home when the time is right. Of those surveyed 62% of existing homeowners and 59% of renters believe right now, today is a “good or very good time to buy”.

SI Real Estate observes the trends of our Tampa Bay's real estate market on a daily basis. We have our finger on the real estate pulse in our city. What we are seeing here in Tampa is that properties are moving, and are moving at a much more rapid pace that main stream media reports. For years, we have been in a buyers’ market. Now this trend is shifting. As these findings reflect, homeownership and real estate are desirable by so very many of the population. With low interest rates on mortgages, lower home prices, and incredible incentives, buyers are stepping up to take advantage of these benefits while they last.

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