Friday, July 18, 2014

The Basketball King Leaves Florida

Miami Heat fans were in shock when MVP LeBron James, announced that he would be leaving the Heat and returning to the Cavaliers. James holds two NBA titles, and has now decided to return home to Cleveland where his basketball career began. He states, My relationship with Northeast Ohio is bigger than basketball.” James writes that he has a responsibility to be a leader in the court, as well as in his home state. Cleveland is excited to have LeBron James back however, James holds humble and realistic expectations for the upcoming season. He says that he is “not promising a championship” because he knows “how hard that is to deliver.” Although James wants to win next year, he is prepared for the road ahead, and says that “it will be a long process.” James is hopeful for the future, and intends to bring a championship to Cleveland.

After four years with James, co-star and teammate Chris Bosch declares that he and James will always be brothers, and holds no hard feelings towards him. Bosch states, "We're all making decisions to make ourselves happy and our families happy… That doesn't take away what we've done together and the special bond that we created… As you move forward, you appreciate those moments and keep going forward."

Chris Bosch and Dwayne Wade are two of the “big three” that will be returning and carrying the Miami Heat this coming season. Heat fans are excited that two of the three players who lead Miami to two NBA championships are returning, despite LeBron James’s departure. New signees Danny Granger, Josh McRoberts, and NBA All-star Luol Deng, will also be joining the Miami Heat for the upcoming season. Bosch intends to lead the team back in to title contention, and is excited for the season ahead. Bosch believes that he has what it takes to “maximize this team’s potential.” He also states that he is ready to step up to the challenge of carrying the Heat to a winning season.  Bosch says that “nothing is going to change” and he believes in the team’s ability, no matter who he is playing with.

Although Florida will definitely miss NBA superstar LeBron James; Miami will continue to be a hot spot, a hot ticket, and a hot city economically, state wide, and internationally. The beautiful state of Florida is a wonderful place to call home, and also a very desirable destination for people worldwide. The Sunshine State’s world famous beaches, amazing theme parks, treasured natural landmarks, and unique cultural mosaic, continue to capture the hearts of people all over the world. Come and experience some Florida sunshine, and see all of the wonderful things Florida has to offer. I am sure LeBron will come back during those super cold, knee deep in snow, winter months!

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