Monday, November 10, 2014

South Tampa: The Treasure of Tampa Bay

Tampa is centrally located on the west coast of Florida and has many alluring attractions.  Everything is available to us; from the many Orlando Theme Parks to our celebrated sunny beaches. Many of our best kept secrets in Central Florida are known only to its residents. One of the popular treasures of Tampa Bay is South Tampa. Its energy and popularity have continued in full force, even during the economic adjustments.  It’s easy to understand why, once you've visited South Tampa.

South Tampa is home to several mini neighborhoods. Davis Island, which is one of the most beautiful areas in the city, is about to get another make over. One example, according to the Tampa Bay Business Journal, a low-slung brick home on Davis Island is scheduled for demolition to make way for a brand new 6 million dollar mansion. This West Indies style home will be over 7,300 square feet and is slated for completion in late 2015.

Housing on Davis Island isn't the only thing that’s getting a real estate makeover lately.  The Tampa International Airport is set to begin a 2.5 Billion dollar project for improvements after Thanksgiving. Rated as one of the best airports in the nation, the Tampa International Airport is awarding 250 million dollars in contracts to expand the main terminal beginning December 2nd, 2014. It has been stated that up to 7000 jobs will be created as a result of this massive expansion!

It’s not only our real estate and infrastructure that’s being reworked, it’s our laws and policies, too. Among the new Tampa Bay developments is Riverwalk. This recently added district is home to many residents and businesses of all varieties. Riverwalk now invites you to wine and dine in open air outdoor cafes, take in the skyline, the vistas, and the surrounding activity. A new city ordinance has recently passed to allow responsible adults to enjoy a cocktail while taking it all in around this beautiful and newly developing vicinity. Tampa has been very assertive in developing the surrounding area for our residents, businesses and visitors alike.  Patrons of eight local and licensed alcoholic beverage provides will be able to get their drinks in a special plastic cup that bears the Riverwalk logo and has been provided by the city. The law is slated for approval by December of 2014.

South Tampa has been ranked as one of the best up and coming areas in the southeast and its energy is absolutely incredibly contagious! This snapshot of the development in and around Tampa area does no justice to the area itself. It’s something you truly have to experience.   

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