Saturday, March 8, 2008

Foreign Investors Taking Advantage of Discounted Dollar


Well it finally happened! The US dollar has finally slipped to a record low against the euro ($1.54/1€), breaking the $1.50 barrier that seems to have an emotional, as well as an economic, impact on the US. The US dollar is doing even worse against the British pound, which is up to about $2.00/1₤. The surge in foreign investment in the US real estate market shows how this currency change has not gone unnoticed abroad. Foreign investment in real estate has been flowing in from all over the globe, including a great deal from Candan, Europe, and Russia & South America.

Foreign investors are seeing their buying power increase in the US and have started to capitalize. And when it comes to purchasing real estate in the US there is no place like Florida. The Sunshine State has attracted overseas real estate buyers who are looking for both investment properties, as well as buyers who want to purchase vacation homes for their own enjoyment, taking advantage of reduced prices and discounted US dollars. Coastal cities such as Tampa and Miami have been receiving a great deal of attention from abroad due to their potential to generate income and their attractive waterfront locations for personal enjoyment.

Here is a link to an article with even more info on how the recent currency fluctuations are affecting the market:

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