Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Looking Back at Snow Bird Season

This past winter proved once again that Florida is still a hot spot for those seeking relief from the cold. Here as SI Real Estate, inquiries were coming in left and right for furnished and seasonal vacation rentals in Tampa and St. Petersburg. Rentals in places like Coquina Key in St. Petersburg, The Moorings in Tarpon Springs, as many others were in high demand and were snatched up early in the snow bird season.

All season long we were receiving phone calls from individuals from the Northern US, Canada, Europe, and even Russia. With so many attractions in the Tampa Bay area it is no wonder that so many people want to vacation in Florida. Tampa and St. Petersburg are renowned for their world class beaches, fishing, golf, boating, and dining. And with the Port of Tampa so close, vacationers can easily plan on fitting a relaxing cruise into their schedule.

Tampa's central location also puts all the activities of Orlando right at your fingertips. With legendary theme parks such as Disney, MGM, Universal Studios, and Sea World so close by, there is always something fun to do within a short driving distance.

SI Real Estate was able to help many people find the perfect vacation rental for their needs. As experts in Tampa Bay real estate, SI Real Estate truly is "Real Estate in Every Way". Whether somebody is looking for a short term or long term rental, SI was able to help them find it. And many people enjoyed visiting the area so much that we were even able to help them purchase their very own piece of Tampa!

This year's snow bird rental season truly was a smash hit, and SI Real Estate was glad to be a part of it! In Florida, every season is a vacation season...The vacations never end!

Best Regards,

Pamela Elsaadi
SI Real Estate

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