Saturday, June 13, 2009

Reasons to Cheer for U.S. Property Investments

Although U.S. real estate prices have taken a hit during the troubled economic conditions, there are reasons to cheer if you are looking for diversity in your investment portfolio. While the discounted prices may not be good for short-term investors who wish to purchase real estate in a booming economy and then immediately resell it for a profit, investors with a long-term vision see bigger opportunities. With the ever changing conditions of the U.S. real estate market, right now appears to be the best time for bargain hunters to grab cheap properties that will grow in value over time.

According to “Three reasons for cheer for the overseas property investors” published by Assetz Property News Services, “whenever the recovery may come, be it in the next few months, not until the end of the year or even well into 2010, the acquisition of something for a low price now may look like a very good deal in 2014 or 2015.” With evidence of U.S. market conditions turning around, investment decisions should be made while the opportunities are attractive and available.

An official at the money exchange firm Currency Index stated “With property prices and mortgage repayments now significantly lower than in 2008 in many of the UK’s favorite foreign holiday home destination, we are seeing a renewed demand for currency exchange as people pick up property bargains in Spain and Florida.” Florida properties have consistently been an ideal investment for many international investors and are a notable opportunity now with the lower prices and an improved exchange rate.

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