Thursday, June 30, 2011

Real Estate Tips: Home Staging

One of the most important elements of buying a home is imagining yourself and your stuff in it. The best way for sellers to help their prospective buyers have a good first impression and easily visualize themselves living there is setting up the home is staging. Home staging is the practice of setting up your home so it is aesthetically pleasing to buyers.

Looking at an article in the Realty Times, they brought up the best secrets to staging. Maybe you can try and apply these tips in your home:

1. Declutter

The first and sometimes hardest part of subjectively looking at your home is removing clutter. After years or months of accumulating possessions, we sometimes slip on clearing all the extra things in our homes. Bottom line cutter is distracting and it gives the illusion the home does not have enough storage. Clear the extra knick knacks and furnishings in your home by putting in a better location or storage.

2. Cleaning

After clearing away clutter, the next most important step is thorough cleaning. The prospective buyers and agents can get a bad impression when a home is not cleaned. They assume it is also not maintained regularly. Before any showings make sure your property is clean and ready to invite people in.

3. Repairs

Make sure all the little projects you have left undone get repaired and fixed up. These projects may scare off potential buyers. Loose knobs on handles, touch-up paint, and other seemingly harmless repairs may tell the buyers that more has been neglected.

4. Neutral D├ęcor

Neutral colors are the best choice for staging. Most buyers are paying attention to color; they may not have the same taste as you. Try and keep everything appealing to all buyers. Bright colors that do not agree with your potential buyers may start adding up in their mind as projects that need to be done and may be too overwhelming.

5. Appropriate furnishings

Make sure that the furniture is the right size for the room. Furniture that is too big for a room makes it feel smaller. The reverse is also true that small furniture makes a room feel disproportionate. Also try and use the room for its designed purpose. For instance a bedroom turned into an office may work for you but buyers may think the space is small or unusable for a bedroom. Also, dining rooms may not be necessary in your home, but not utilizing a separate dining room may turn off potential buyers.

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I am agree that the absolute first impression a potential buyer gets is from the outside of the home. Home staging or doing some remodeling will help the home sellers to sell their home quickly.
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