Monday, June 27, 2011

Real Estate Tips: Buyers Agent for New Construction

Buying a new home can be very exciting, it is important that still being a savvy buyer while getting what you want in your new home. One of the most overlooked factors in a new home purchase is buyer representation. Although many builders are great and have great new homes sales consultants, as a buyer you need to have your own personal advocate and representative! Before viewing new construction homes and reviewing options, it is prudent to speak to a local agent who is familiar with the process and the area.

The prime example of real estate buyers seeking to go it alone is on new construction. Builders make it so convenient and easy to walk into a new community and get set up for your new home. Why would anyone consider having a buyer’s agent with them when viewing new construction? The following represent a few examples of your benefits:

Free Representation

The most important factor for any buyer having a designated agent is representation. This professional is your expert in the marketplace working to help you achieve your goals with having your best interest at heart. For most buyers this is completely free to you. Builders, all sellers, designate a commission right into their sales price; they do not negotiate that price down for new buyers who do not have a buyer’s agent. Would it bring you more comfort having someone in your corner at showings, contract negotiations, incentives from seller to buyer, final walk-thru and closing? I think so! Please be a savvy buyer and contact a buyer’s agent who is familiar with the area and procedures of new construction.

Increased Negotiation

The base price on newly constructed home is one the builders are not going to negotiate on, however most builders are willing to make some upgrades or changes to suit the new homeowner. Here at SI Real Estate our experience has shown us that you can get more by having an experienced agent at your side:

Our of our agents, Katie Crider, was able to negotiate all new flooring on a move-in ready home. They actually pulled up already installed carpet and laid down tile throughout the floor. Another client had all new fans and light fixtures added for no additional cost.

The key is having an agent familiar with what a builder is willing to negotiate on and have them negotiate the contract with you. Our Broker, Nibal Elsaadi, also has had great success with new construction lately. Buyers want to have modern and guaranteed homes. You cannot beat walking into a new home and giving the client exactly what they are looking for. Nibal was able to get one client over $22,000 worth of upgrades for just cost to the builder. It is also very common that he negotiates in closing costs, HOA fees for the first six months, or full appliance packages.

If you are exploring the idea of purchasing any home, again you should have a buyer’s agent! If you are looking to start looking into whether you can afford to purchase a home or have already been prequalified, please contact one of our agents at SI Real Estate. We can be reached at 813.631.5144 or email us at We understand the importance of integrity, hard work, and maintaining clients’ satisfaction.

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