Friday, November 1, 2013

Amazon will have an enormous economic impact In Tampa and Hillsborough County

This deal is official. Tampa, Florida will be the next destination for the retail giant Amazon.  

fulfillment center of epic proportions is going to be built by the end 2014. “This is bigger than landing the Super Bowl, a national Convention or the Olympics. It’s a mega storm of growth that’s hitting our county with feeder bands that will create economic growth all over this area,” said Commissioner Sandy Murman.   An immediate investment of $200 million and creation of up to 3000 jobs are some of the notable benefits of this deal.

Amazon has been trying to build a distribution center in the state of Florida for the past 3 years and Tampa is always an attractive city for business. However, high property taxes and other obstacles were slowing down this Amazon goal from becoming reality. In July 2013, Hillsborough commissioners realized the potential advantages of an operation like this and voted on lowering Amazon’s property taxes which consequently sealed the whole deal.  The facility located near Interstate 75 and State Road 674 was bought by a real estate company for $14.6 million and it will be leased to Amazon for an indefinite period of time.  Out of the 1000 permanent jobs, 375 will pay more than $47,581 annually which is 15% more than the average state wage.  Commission Chairman Ken Hagan said, “I can’t underscore enough the tremendous economic impact that will be realized in the South Shore community.”

The idea behind this project is to make Amazon’s shipping capabilities more effective and efficient. A fulfillment center in Florida could make it possible for customers to receive the product on the same day they have ordered it online. So far, Amazon has 11 local express delivery markets across the country including Boston, Chicago, and Seattle. In the end, the Hillsborough County is thrilled to have one of the biggest online retail giants building a facility in its neighborhood. The possible economic impact on this area has no limits.

This also means that other mega companies could appreciate the strategic and geographic importance of the Greater Tampa Bay region and build more facilities.

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