Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tampa, Florida holds spectacular offerings for residents and citizens from around the world

Let’s be honest…it is far too easy to take for granted everything a city has to offer after spending countless years living in it.  What is quite refreshing, however, is taking time to reflect on and appreciate some of the achievements of a city and the offerings it provides for its residents.  

Tampa is the third most populous city in the state of Florida with over 350,000 residents, and is home to the largest port in Florida, Tampa Bay. One great aspect of this city is the prevalence of strong multicultural influences within the city and the residents who both live and visit our city!   Tampa, as a destination for the world, allows for people from all across the globe to share their cultural heritage and traditions with others who have a genuine interest in learning and experiencing.  Authentic recipes from every corner of the globe can be easily found in diverse restaurants throughout the city. 

As Tampa was the selected location for this year’s International Indian Film Academy Awards to take place, it has been hosting many Indian film stars and executives over the last several months. According to a recent article of the Tampa Bay Business Journal, Tampa was described as “a gorgeous place with the greatest hosts.”  The city of Tampa is a highly visible and highly desirable destination spot for people from all across the world for a multitude of reasons.   

For sports fanatics, there is no shortage of opportunities to see your favorite professional athletes compete in hockey, baseball, football, and more. Between the Tampa Bay Times Forum, Tropicana Field, and Raymond James Stadium, Tampa is home to some of the greatest professional stadiums, teams, and entertainment venues! As a result, Tampa has enjoyed hosting 2 Super Bowls in 8 years!  Many of Florida’s most desirable beaches are also in close proximity, and offer all the sunshine, fishing, boating, and relaxation that anyone could ask for.

For scholars, the University of South Florida and the University of Tampa are prestigious universities that are dedicated to the education of their students and giving back to their community. Through their community outreach and relationships with major corporations, these universities provide students with opportunities to pursue their dreams and find full-time work with great companies post graduation. The Tampa Museum of Art and the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg offer the wonders of art and ingenuity, and making a visit is certainly worthwhile.

For thrill-seekers, animal lovers, and adventurers, Busch Gardens offers some of the best coasters and animal exhibits in the country. Tampa is also home to the Florida Aquarium and the Lowery Park Zoo, which offer summer camps, school programs, and plenty of fun for the whole family! Lowery Park Zoo was voted the best zoo in the U.S. by Parents Magazine! The Tampa Convention Center hosts some of the greatest events in Florida, and offers territorial expertise in providing suggestions for Tampa’s best hotels, restaurants, and entertainment.

These are just some of the spectacular offerings that Tampa holds for residents and visitors from across the world. If you haven’t had a chance to visit Tampa before, we strongly encourage you to come experience what makes this city so wonderful. Florida brought in nearly 95 million visitors in 2013, of which 11.5 million came from overseas. Some days it is difficult to know whether you are living here or if your life has become a vacation! There is much to do and see, so come and visit! Give us a close look, and you might just want to make it your home too.